Thursday, August 9, 2012

Landmarks of England Challenge

My son, David was in London in April of 2010. The photos are from his walk around the city.
(while waiting for the volcanic ash to settle enough for flights to be released for him to return to work...but that's another story).
I have scrap booked the Palace photos in a previous page last fall so here's the other landmarks...the Tower Bridge and  the London Eye which you will notice are both in the silhouette profile on the Olympic advertisement poster for the games.

The challenge is to relate something on your page to an iconic memory of England. Well since I have photos of the two of the busiest attractions I used them in my page.
I was going to take pictures of my mothers collection of tea cups and saucers but I will not get there before the deadline so I am using David's photos and a little bit of trivia about the landmarks.

Here's the details of the challenge:

Landmarks of London England
Thanks Ann for this challenge.

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Great layout MaryAnn!