Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I'm feeling older all the time...age is just a number but my granddaughter graduated from Grade 8
this past June. I still remember that day 14 years ago in April that I first saw her in her mothers arms in the hospital and I cried when my son held his daughter for the first time. so Sweet...and now she is even more beautiful.

Graduation June 2012
I have a second page for a double layout with her friends on it, but I do not have permission to post it.
But believe me, these girls, young teenagers do not look their age, all dressed up with make-up.
Give me back the little tom girl with baggy sweats and no make up, rolling in the grass and climbing on the playground equipment. We miss you.
Just kidding, I am proud of my grandchildren no matter their age, but that just means I am getting older and it is starting to bother me..a lot!

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Mamilou said...

Beautiful, sweet page MaryAnn.

I am there too, the feeling older and getting to bother me part. Even though my grandson is only 7, his dad just turned 42 and that takes me back!

My grandson just lost his first baby teeth (2) and for me that is also a "stage" indicating he is no longer the little baby I was so proud to hold in my arms. It's just a number!!!