Sunday, August 5, 2012

True Colours Challenge

I am carrying a flag at the Olympics in London 2012, a flag of my ancestors that is. 

The challenge is to make a project of your country's flag but I have done a few pages of Canada's flag colours recently and since my dh is of Polish descent I thought I would do that flag.... but oh no  the Poland  flag is red and white too. So I went to my ancestors.... to Belgium. Here's my tribute to my great grandparents and to Belgium.

My Great Grandparents were born 16 days apart in 1868, married in 1888, raised 7 children and  lived their whole life in the same town in Belgium. They died in the same year in 1955 a few months apart. Now that is togetherness!

Jerome and Stephanie Casier

Check out the challenge here at Two Scrapbook Friends:

Belgium so far at Day 8 at the Olympics have a silver and bronze medal for Judo and Shooting. Hopefully the Borlee brothers will bring some more medals in Track today and tomorrow.!

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Deanna said...

Love it MaryAnn, very kewl clock thingy!