Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Scrapbooking Kits

In the past I worked mostly with kits but I do not get them as much now as I have lots of inspiration from blogs, magazines and  galleries and forums of the Local Scrapbooking stores and some not so local. .

The beach kits caught my attention because when I was young our family went to the beach a couple times a week and it was a memory I loved. Alas, not many pictures from those times, we were all too busy having fun.

Here are some kits I finally finished from a few years ago. I took these old kits to the crop last weekend.
 I had to ask my daughter to take some pictures at the beach.

Lake Simcoe Swim Aug 5

Grand Bend Beach Fun Lake Huron Sept 3
Have a great day.


Deanna said...

Love these MaryAnn!

Dr. J said...

Love those doubles! Neat way to use the flip flops!

Darcy said...

I, too, am using up old kits. Great job!!